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Social media analytics is the practice of collecting data from social media platforms and using that data to make business decisions. This course provides an short introduction to this topic from three different perspectives: the User, Platform and Company. The content was created by human labor and artificial intelligence1.

About this course #

The goal this course is to introduce students to social media platforms and demonstrate how we can exploit user generated content. Information about the structure, grading and contacting details are provided in the syllabus.

In all sections, we focus on social media as much as possible, but also touch on new and print media. In addition, this page provides links to additional content and offers recommendations for further reading.

Disclaimer #

Both man and machine are not free of errors. The content is constantly checked and expanded, but it cannot be ruled out that errors will creep in. If you notice something, please report it and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Acknowledgements #

The content is based on other people’s research published in high-ranked marketing journals (e.g, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science). The respective references are deposited in the text itself. In addition, I enriched the conent with images from Giphy, Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay and videos from YouTube.

  1. StableDiffusion, ChatGPT and others helped out. ↩︎